Working hand in hand with our clients in all phases of the research guarantees the quality of the results we obtain.

We know that the key to our success is based on the quality of the methodology that our consultants develop and apply in each of the projects they lead and their ability to adapt to each one of them. The correct application and rigorous monitoring of this methodology is what allows us to offer our clients the best information about their markets.

Aware of the peculiarities of the sectors we analyze, at Sinergy Consulting we use quantitative and qualitative research techniques. Some of the most common techniques in our research processes are:

In-depth interviews, focus groups, mystery shopping, observation methods, surveys with CATI and CAWI supports, or econometric and mathematical methods models.

In addition, to guarantee the quality of our reports we know that the information we obtain must be checked and filtered and for this at Sinergy we use the Delphi method, regularly contacting the main manufacturers, associations and distributors that are part of the markets we study.

Finally, in the final phase of each project, once all the information is verified, our consultants extract the most important data and analyze it from a strategic point of view, which without a doubt, and that is essential for our clients.