Information is the seed
of an idea, and it only grows
when watered.

Heinz V. Bergen

La información es la semilla
de una idea, y sólo crece
cuando se riega.

Heinz V. Bergen


Our multi-client studies are panel-type reports, carried out annually and simultaneously in more than 20 European countries, on products related to the construction sector. The studies are directed by Sinergy and are available to all companies, public institutions or people who wish to acquire them.

All panels made by Sinergy pursue a common objective:

“Offer the best
reports within the
materials sector
for the construction”

The result is studies that contain the information that our clients need such as:

– An executive summary that contains the keys to the sector, which are collected and analyzed by our consultants once the investigation has finished.

– Information about trends in the construction sector and the use of different materials. Some of the trends analyzed are: sustainability, circular economy, reduction of emissions, reduction of energy consumption.

– In-depth analysis of the new construction and renovation environment, as well as the key factors that directly influence the industry or construction products analyzed.

– Information on the leading companies in each country and their market shares by construction product groups, distribution channels or end uses.

-Strategic analysis and recommendations about a sector, industry, a specific company, products or countries. Reports are available for more than 20 European countries.

– The countries included are divided into four blocks. Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, Russia and Turkey.

– The Western European construction products markets analyzed are: Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, United Kingdom and Germany.

– The Central European markets studied are: Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania and Hungary.

– In Scandinavia the construction materials markets evaluated are: Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

– A dynamic table that contains all the data from the study and allows for a multitude of analyzes adapted to the needs of each organization, such as comparisons between companies or market trends.

– Some of the construction products studied are: steel sandwich panels, aluminum sandwich panels, sandwich panels made with polyurethane (PUR and PIR) or sandwich panels made with mineral wool. Other products included by our analysts are glass wool, rock wool, EPS or PU thermal insulators.

– To obtain this information we use our own methodology based on in-depth research of primary and secondary sources supported by multivariate analysis methods.

“This has allowed us to design a 360º analysis tool that integrates qualitative and quantitative techniques such as:
Econometric analysis, in-depth interviews, Delphi test, or questionnaires using methods