Invest in knowledge
always produces the best

Benjamin Franklin

Invertir en conocimientos
produce siempre los mejores

Benjamin Franklin


Our Ad-Hoc studies are projects that respond to the specific information needs of our clients, so we adapt our methodology to the requirements of our clients and the complexity of the project.

At Sinergy we carry out strict quality controls in all phases of the project, which allows us to guarantee its rigor and quality.

Finally, it is worth remembering that integrity and honesty are two of our values ​​as an organization. That is why all information and results are treated with the utmost confidentiality in order to safeguard the interests of our clients at all times.

  • Sizes of international and national markets
  • International and national market structures
  • Focus Groups
  • In-Depth Interviews – Expert Interviews
  • Brand Awareness
  • International Market Prospecting
  • Business Benchmarking
  • Distribution Channel Analysis
  • Consumer Analysis
  • U & A (Uses and Attitudes)