We believe in Social Responsibility as the heart and soul of an organization. Our aim as a company and as members of a community is to work actively and hand by hand with the different stakeholders that surround us in order to promote a fair world and respect for the environment.

This is an ideal we share as a company and we aim to involve our clients and employees in it.

Our commitment is to convert our work into a tool that embraces this with two key points:


NGO Cooperation


We partner with different NGOs in educational projects in Latin America donating part of our annual benefits. Our aim is to involve our customers in this process. One step at a time, we can help the already existing efforts to create a fairer and better world.

Environmental Responsibility


Environmental responsibility is an obligation for us. Being a company dealing with an ever growing number of industrial companies that become aware of the need to develop sustainable and environmentally responsible work processes, we play a dual role: Following this companies, and setting an example for the ones that have not moved forward towards the conservation of our planet.

This is why we implemented measures that respect the environment. We use energy saving procedures in our work centers, servers and terminals. We deliver our reports in digital supports and recycled paper in an attempt to minimize environmental impact, and follow general recycle procedures in our workcenters.

Hopefully, this will only be the beginning in our effort to provide our services in a way that helps the preservation of the environment.

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