Our Industry Reports are Annual Multi-Country Panel Studies focused in a specific industry or product. They are carried out by Sinergy and available for every organization or particular willing to buy it.

All the studies we make have a common objective:

Offer the best reports in each industry

Our Panel Studies will deliver you:

An in-depth analysis of the business environment main market aspects and factors that are important for your business.

Top industry players´ figures by product groups, distribution channels or final use.

Strategic recommendations as well as a full analysis of the companies, products and markets in your industry.

We use our own methodology based on a comprehensive primary and secondary sources research, supported by multivariate analysis methods.

This sets the base for a 360º analysis tool composed by qualitative and quantitative techniques such as econometric models, interviews, Delphi tests and information gathering based on CAWI and CATI.

If your industry or sector is not in the list please CONTACT US. It might be already scheduled for development or included in the future.
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