Working side by side with our clients throughout all the phases of our research becomes the key for accuracy.

The market intelligence behind the process design is the key to obtain precise and optimal strategic results. A correct shaping of the mental processes to be applied, well designed information gathering methods, and a comprehensive use of information technologies are our main factors to deliver top quality studies that have proved to be a highly effective tool for competitive success.

Our studies are tailored to the customer or market needs, depending on the case, and our focus is the design and use of a correct methodology for each particular case.

Our consultants obtain the information through quantitative and qualitative processes everything depending on the information needs and requirements. Some of them are:

Expert Interviews
Focus Groups
Mystery Shopping
Questionnaires with CATI and CAWI 
Estimations based on econometric models

Quality control is a must. As the study advances we analyze and crosscheck all the information we get. Using the Delphi method, the information obtained is is tested with producers, associations and distributors.

At this point the information refines itself, and our team starts to shape it to finally resemble reality, reaching a point in which strategic conclusions take place.

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